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Anonabox FAWKES Tor Router Review

Price: $69.99

Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router Introduction:

Recently, we took a look at a very compact and privacy geared product for today's networking called the Anonabox Pro. The Pro offered the user the ability to use TOR, VPN, or both combined to keep their data traffic secure and safe. Today we are going to be looking at another product from Anonabox: the FAWKES, which offers TOR-only connectivity at a lower cost with no additional monthly fees with VPN connections. With all of the security breaches and data theft going on in today's connected world, keeping your data secured is more important than ever. Using security transmission tools such as TOR keeps the prying eyes of hackers and even nation states from viewing and cataloging your precious data.

As I mentioned in the Anonabox Pro review, we do not condone illegal activities. I feel the right to privacy is something that every citizen, no matter what country, should have. While there are many tools out there, such as PGP, encryption, software-based VPN, software-based TOR, etc., the setup and use is normally so technically challenging that most every day users do not have the skill or time to learn how to use them. In the past, security was only afforded to those who could write the code and piece together all of the technologies to make it work.


Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router Closer Look:

As with the Pro, the FAWKES comes packaged in a small box that goes to show off its compact size. The box follows a futuristic pattern to display the FAWKES TOR Router on the front, along with the unit logo and the Anonabox Logo. It is simplistic and sleek looking. On the reverse of the packaging, there are some details and features for the FAWKES, including being portable and perfected for privacy. There is a list of the features, such as the core function of being an embedded TOR router, integrated WiFi, and deep web access, among others. You can see by the bullet points this device is geared towards the privacy minded individual who wants the ease and portability of TOR security.



Just as we saw with the Pro, the FAWKES comes in a minimalistic box sandwiched in a protective case. Removing the FAWKES and the upper layer of cardboard allows access to the included accessories, which consist of a micro USB cable to power the unit and the starting guide. As I recommended with the Pro, I would highly suggest reading the guide as it will help you get set up quickly and efficiently. There is a default IP address to use if you are using the Ethernet for the first time set up, but note there is no cable included.



Now that we have the FAWKES out of the box, we can get more up close and personal with it.

  1. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Closer Look: Continued
  3. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Closer Look: Software
  4. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router Closer Look: Software Continued
  5. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Specifications & Features
  6. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Testing: Setup & Results
  7. Anonabox FAWKES TOR Router: Conclusion
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