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AMA Phantom Review



The AMA Phantom performed better than the AMA Orc and with a smaller foot print. Although it isn't as unique looking, personally the performance would win me over. Although the package looks like it was dropped off the production line it still worked great and the fin damage was easily undone. Considering this heat sink has twice the heat pipes than the ZEROTherm Core 92 heat sink and is also larger, price will play a big role in the sales of this heat sink. AMA has a good theme going, the company's line of heat sinks could be very successful with the right strategy.

Overall the heat sink performed well, not breaking any records but besting its larger brother, the Orc, by four degrees in both overclocked and stock processor load tests. The packaging - although a little dirty in this particular case - looked great as did the Orc's. Installation is easier on this heat sink because it is smaller and a screwdriver can be used to tighten the bolts rather than the little wrench included. The blue LED fan adds to aesthetics with a blue hue glowing through the fan and fins. The single body tower design with six full heat pipes is much sturdier than the Orc's independent heat pipe style.

The downfall is that although it performed better than the Orc, it wasn't nearly as spectacular looking. However, it still looks good so this is just a small point. It also lacks a bit in performance when compared to other heat sinks; the smaller Core 92 with half as many heat pipes did just as well at load with a better idle temperature, although it does have a louder and more powerful 92mm fan whereas the Phantom is very quiet and gets the job done with less airflow/noise. The larger tower heat sinks are in a different class - overall the performance was decent. The base isn't smooth due to the machining grooves, but that is common on this level of heat sink.



  • Good packaging
  • Compact design fits in systems well 
  • Quiet fan
  • Complete accessories for installation
  • Sturdy design
  • Decent performance


  • Base isn't smooth
  • Idle performance


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