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AMA Orc Review



In the search for a new heat sink, users have many choices to keep an eye out for - price vs. performance, the aesthetics, noise generation, size, and so on. Everyone has different desires for their systems, but generally people like a good performing heat sink for a fair price and one that outperforms their stock heat sinks in one way or another. With the latest generation Intel and AMD processors, the high performance chips have maintained a high thermal envelope which requires a large heat sink to wick the heat away - especially if users want to overclock. Some users like to have good looking parts - some display them through side panel windows or other means, which is where AMA Precision INC comes into play. AMA creates products which look unique and very nice. Under review today is the AMA Orc of AMA's Mythic series that looks like it targets the World of Warcraft/fantasy crowd. Equipped with six heat pipes and green LED 120mm fan, the Orc looks like it should deliver good performance along with its looks and supports Intel LGA 775/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3. Hopefully this unique looking heat sink performs as good or better than it looks!


Closer Look:

When the package arrived, I was surprised by the box inside. The box is large, bigger than most heat sinks I've encountered, and the color scheme of black and red is also uncommon. The front of the box has an AMA logo at the top, Orc logo and pendant, along with another AMA logo at the bottom, with the front opening to reveal a flap with information across the inside and a peek at the heat sink. The inner flap describes details such as socket support, weight and size, accessories, and so on. Five pictures also give a good look at a few of the features of the heat sink.





Both sides have the AMA black and red logo on them, along with a partial smoky Orc pendant image in the background. Both sides are literally reflections of each other. Looks like the images are just filler, but the package as a whole looks good without anything on these sides.



The back has an exaggerated picture of the heat sink glowing, and in several languages, comments on the all-copper construction with six heat pipes. Four barcodes litter the bottom, along with different supported standards. The top has a larger AMA logo and seal. Opening the box reveals the heat sink fan shrouded by a two-piece formed enclosure.



At the bottom of the box - underneath the heat sink are the manual and accessories package. All of the accessories are protected inside a bag and the reinforced cardboard box they came in. The heat sink uses spring loaded bolts to attach to Intel motherboards, with a latch for AMD processors. LGA1156 mounting brackets are not included with this kit, but are planned to be on future releases. Thermal paste is included as well as a wrench to install the bolts easier. Everything needed to install this heat sink is included.




With everything unpacked, let's get acquainted with the Orc!

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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