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Sapphire Pure PC-AM2RX780 Review



This board was a pleasure to test. Not only does it bring cutting edge technology for a great value but it does it in a solidly built platform. This board takes what you throw at it and asks for more. With a slight raise of voltages I was able to obtain a 700MHz overclock, which is great for a mainstream board built for everyday users. Some high end boards are not even able to produce results like that. The Sapphire PC-AM2RX780 is a perfect solution for any build whether it be for gaming or general computing as it stood up to the competition and pulled through in the majority of the benchmarks that were put into its way. With features like CrossFireX and power saving you would be a fool not to consider this board for your next project.

As a power user a few thing quirked me however. First, I feel that the back panel is lacking especially with the amount of space available. I fill four USB ports without even setting up my whole system's components and when you add in other peripherals like my HOTAS flight stick and camera docks I was left thinking to myself why would they do that. Sure, there are headers for six more ports but that is just more stuff that I have to have taking up space for airflow in my case. Also, with the SATA ports I thought the same thing, why only four? I have more than four hard drives alone in my computer especially with RAID arrays so if you have a lot of drives or even SATA optical drives you might be a little upset here. Lastly, why the Switching card for the PCI Express x16 slots? Boards have had the ability to auto sense for some time now so why the need for this device in 2008?

With those little set backs, which are mostly personal preference, out of the way this board is amazing with its performance and potential and I recommend it to anyone who is building a system on a budget. You will not regret your decision and you will be keeping up with the rest of the population who spent a bunch more on their computers.



  • High overclocking potential
  • Very inexpensive
  • Performance
  • ATI CrossFireX



  • Uses old switch card for PCI Express lanes
  • Limited ports available on the back panel
  • Only four SATA included



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  2. Closer Look (The Motherboard)
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  7. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
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  14. Testing: BioShock
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  19. Testing: 3DMark06 Professional
  20. Conclusion
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