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AMD AM2 3500+ Vs. AMD 939 3500+

GF City Computers
Price: $99 USD


AMD is at it again. With a new season comes a new socket type: AM2. Here at OCC we recently pitted the 4200+ AM2 head to head against its 939 counterpart. This review will be the same, except that we will be pitting the single core 3500+ processors against each other. Hopefully the 3500+ will fare a bit better than the 4200+ did in our 939 vs AM2 4200+ review. With all the hype about this new AM2 socket, as well as the jump to DDR2 memory, it is a bit of a disappointment to see how this new socket is actually performing. Granted, they are still smoking fast chips, though you would expect a new socket and a new architecture to beat its predecessor. It seems that with the 4200+ that was not the case. Hopefully this 3500+ will prove to be better off.

Closer Look:

Right away when I got home with this new toy, I noticed that the box design is nearly identical to that of the 939 series of processors.

Opening up the box to examine the new brain for my computer, I noticed that it was packaged with the same HSF (heatsink fan) that the dual core 4200+ was packaged with. Being made out of a somewhat polished aluminum, the cooler will no doubt do its job, but a bigger cooler would always be nice.

TIM (Thermal Interface Material a.k.a. thermal compound) is found in the form of a small pad on the bottom of the heatsink. For those who want to get running right away, this is a hassle free way of installing your heatsink. Though for the enthusiast, it would be beneficial to use a superior substitute, such as Arctic Silver 5 or Céramique.

The CPU itself is pretty lackluster, looking identical to the 939 counterpart. It was time to install and test this baby.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing Setup & Benchmark Results: Apophysis, Cinebench, Sciencemark
  4. Benchmarks Cont'd: Specview, HDTach
  5. Benchmarks Cont'd: SiSoft Sandra
  6. Benchmarks Cont'd: PCMark
  7. Benchmarks Cont'd: Quake 4
  8. Benchmarks Cont'd: Farcry
  9. Benchmarks Cont'd: FEAR
  10. Benchmarks Cont'd: Doom3
  11. Benchmarks Cont'd: Call of Duty 2
  12. Benchmarks Cont'd: NFS: Most Wanted
  13. Conclusion
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