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Kingwin KF-101-IPF Harddrive Mobile Rack review

Price: $29.95


You maybe asking, what the heck this is good for? Well, I'm going to tell you! A hard drive mobile rack allows you to take your existing 3.5" hard drives and place them in this device, which then mounts in to your 5.25" drive bay. You might be saying, Why do that when you can get 5.25" hard drive mounting brackets? Well, this device isn't just a way for you to mount your hard drive in a 5.25" bay. For example, I have one of these in my work computer and one in my home computer. This makes it very easy for me to take my work home with me. When I get thru at the end of the day, I pull the drive out, take it home, and push the drive in my mobile rack at home. This would be great for video editors, because they work with very large files, and there is no way they can put their work on CD and take it home with them.


  • All aluminum body
  • Bottom cooling fan
  • Grounding device
  • Smart AUTO handle
  • Stream style with strong construction design
  • Be suit to all kinds of high speed and high capacity hdd's
What's in the box?
  • The mobile rack
  • (5) screws
  • Instruction manual
  • (2) Keys
Here is a picture of everything.

The mobile rack is very easy to operate. It has a handle in the front, and when you lift it up the device (that holds your hard drive) slides out of the bay.

So, where do you put your hard drive? Right here! One of the aluminum panels slide off, so you can mount your hard drive inside. Also inside you will find a 4 pin power connector and an ATA100 ide cable to connect to your hard drive. Notice the nice little fan :)

Here is an image of the fan on the other side of the device. It has a very flat profile.


The only problem with Kingwin products, that I have seen so far, is the instructions. They are not very detailed. This was the same problem I had with the, Multifunction panel that I reviewed of their's. However, I did figure out how to use it, I think almost any geek could :)

The installation is pretty basic stuff.. You mount your hard drive in the mobile rack. Then connect the IDE and power cables to your hard drive.

Then you slide the mobile rack in to one of your empty 5.25" drive bay's and securely fasten it with the provided screws.

That's all there is to it! The key will lock the device so that nobody can come along and take your hard drive out :) or, your kids take it out while your computer is running.

Conclusion A very nice device Kingwin has here. It wasn't flimsy like the Multifunction panel was. (I hope they make the Multifunction panel aluminum) I have seen similar mobile racks, but were made cheaply, and were not aluminum. Thumbs up to Kingwin on this excellent product!

I'd like to thank Kingwin for providing this product for us to review. You can purchase one of these from CrazyPC.com.


  • In-expensive
  • Aluminum frame!
  • Easy to install


  • Not a device everyone could use

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