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AKRACING Premium Gaming Chair (AK-7002-CS) Review


AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Conclusion

So I've talked a lot about this chair in this review. The "results" section gives you a real in-depth feel for the chair, from the day it arrived, up to a month or so later. But I know that's a lot to read, and some of you are probably reading this review because it already appears to be what you might be looking to buy. So a quick summary (provided by this conclusion) should give you a good overview of the chair.

First things first, this chair is designed to appear AND feel like a racing chair. If you've never sat in a racing type seat before, you should know their design and build isn't meant to be overly soft. This chair is quite a bit stiffer than your common squishy office chair and is far from an "executive" style chair. It's not stiff and hard like a wooden dining room chair, but it might take you a bit to get used to if you've never sat in something like it before. The chair does have tilt, you can lean back as the base of the chair is much like any other office chair with tilt and up/down motion. I will say it was difficult to get your tilt, even on the softest setting. It took quite a bit of force to relax and lean back. However, the back of the seat also reclines like an actual car seat. It has many possibilities in recline position, so while you might not be able to push back with your feet, the seat can be reclined into quite a comfortable position. You can sit as straight up as you like as well as lie darn near flat if you so desire.

The arm rests are for monkey arms, or perhaps taller people in general. They don't really come up high enough (for me), and really don't sit far enough back, even for "normal" sized people. They seem out of reach and make me feel a little orangutan like. However, as I said, "normal" people have been forced to sit in this so I could help gauge what more of you might find to be problematic. The arms were still said to be not far enough back, but definitely high enough for the "normal" people. The wheels do perform quite well; they glide nice and are well placed. I ended up only using the head/neck pillow as the other was just obnoxious (even for my "normal" testers). The head pillow is great, but don't bother with the other one.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with the chair. It took a little while getting used to, it definitely wasn't my favorite chair on day one. I feel it will hold up well over the years and I honestly look forward to having my butt in it for the years to come. I've been avoiding the issue of price in the entire review, but honestly, if you take a look at it, it is quite reasonable compared to any quality chair on the market. For the price of two of my old beater chairs, I'd take it. It's far better built and adds a bit of racing novelty to my office. I'm quite happy with this chair, and I think you would be too.

Alright, so now you're in love with the chair (or maybe another look of the chair) and want to know where you can buy it. Well, if you're in the UK, there seem to be plenty of sites to pick it up. The AKRAKCING site lists distributors in Germany, Nordic, France, UK, and Benelux, with re-sellers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, and Hungary. So if you're near, or in any of those areas, you've got some help finding. OK, but what about us in the US? Well, we've not been forgotten. It turns out that thanks to 4GamerGear.com we can buy the chair, too. You can buy it directly from 4GamerGear.com, which has same day free shipping, or you can even buy from the 'egg or Amazon (both of which are supported by 4GamerGear.com).

So it seems this European company is branching out and providing quite the power of purchase outside of Europe. So if you're in the US and need this chair, check out 4GamerGear.com today – It actually is running some pretty good sales on the AKRACING chair at the minute, and quite frankly beat some of the deals elsewhere!



  • Great build quality, with attention to detail
  • Has a great novelty look in any car lover's office
  • Supports different seating styles and positions
  • Durable and should be long lasting



  • Little difficult to adjust to (less squishy than most office chairs)
  • Outgassing smell takes quite some time to fully go away


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