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AKRACING Premium Gaming Chair (AK-7002-CS) Review


AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Testing & Results

So this review is very subjective compared to some here at OCC. There aren't really tests we can perform on an office chair that can really give numerical comparisons. So I had a little fun with this one and tried to take you through the journey of having the new chair! We'll take it slow at first and then, after some good butt sits, we can discuss more. My old chair for comparison was a $200 office chair from Office Depot, about five and a half years ago. She's well beaten down and wears her strips of black duct tape with pride. I know many of you out there understand this – the cracking/splitting of the leather over time ends up in several strips of tape that seem to never really stick down. You wish to drag on the chairs life because nothing you sit in at the store feels worthy of replacing her. Well, now I've been given the opportunity to kick it to the curb and give my butt a stylish racing seat. Let the journey begin!


Day 1:

So I've finally put the chair together after patiently awaiting the holidays to pass and the family to go home. The chair had arrived before Christmas and was hard not to open and pass it off as from Santa. But I waited so I could provide REAL review pictures. So the wait has ended and I have the chair finally ready for my rear end.

Initial reaction, first seating:

So my initial reaction, stiff. Simple one word description. It's a bit solid and doesn't have the "squish" of your normal office chair. You sit down and it hits you, this is no standard office chair. The pillows? They have to go. The lumbar back support is annoying and way in the wrong place. My brain wants to take a picture of just how ridiculous I seem to feel sitting with the pillows. I feel bent in every direction. Just no. Pillows came off and I’m feeling a bit better about it. One of the cars we have has racing seats with harnesses etc, so I kind know the feel. However, my expectation for this chair was, somehow, softer.

At my desk, it feels about right. The height adjustment is adequate for my reasonably high desk (higher than most) and after adjusting a few times, I seem to have the angle set correctly, at least for now. I have the arm rests all the way up and feel like they are a bit out of reach. I'll also admit that the recline spring is beyond my capacity to "recline" much at this point. It's a bit stiff, even for the husband to get to recline, but I shall give it time. It takes a lot to adjust to a big shift in seating – especially after the butt has had the same loving office arrangement for five plus years…

But first reactions are a bit distraught for my buns and comfort levels. Let's give it some time. It is a really impressive looking seat. For someone who really enjoys cars, going to the track, and perhaps driving a bit array, I'm digging this chair…at least the appearance for the time being. My butt will adjust…

A few hours later:

Okay, so I picked a good day to try out the chair as I didn't have work or school to deal with. A good Saturday for doing whatever, so ironically I've been at my desk working on some stuff, trolling on the Internet, and of course some Dragon Age: Inquisition. Can't get enough. So I've been sitting here for a couple of hours now, coming up on three. My butt and I are becoming more acquainted with the chair. The base, or part where you sit, is a bit shorter than my other chair and rather probably shorter than most (even compared to mine at work). I kinda like it. It gives me a little less off the legs and more room to move about.

It is still not a soft chair. My butt is still denying the less poof of the chair, but I am mostly comfortable otherwise. I have since added back the head pillow, while I don't particularly lay back into, I find it quite suitable to lean up against ever so slightly. My old chair has been a mid-back beat into repair by duct tape, so its long love is taking some adjustment to something else. The high back is different I must say, but I kinda like it. I feel I hold my posture a bit more straight rather than so slouched as I've been so many years. I feel my back strain a bit from this new stance, but I feel it will be a good result in the end.

Back to my game for now, but I am feeling a bit more positive about this chair despite my first shock to it.



Day 2:

Well, the second day isn't so bad. I've adjusted to where I am "supposed" to sit. It is different changing chairs for sure. I'm a little sore from the posture adjustment for yesterday's session in the chair, but I'm alright. I did some writing for work and a little bit of casual gaming, so I decided to sit a little different with my feet up on my case. That puts them about level with the seat of the chair, placing my legs about straight out. The chair still has minimal give to lean back, so I've reclined the seat itself another notch. I think this might be the "right" position now.

The pillow is becoming greatly appreciated at the head and allows me to casually lean back while typing yet still feel like I'm sitting upright and attentive to the screen. The side bolster, while not touching my sides most of the time, provide nice sides to lean into when sitting with ones feet kicked up. It keeps me in my seat and provides additional support. I can imagine being a bit larger and fitting into both bolsters, but me nor my skinny husband can quite get both ribs to touch at the same time. The bolsters on the base are quite nice though. While I don't really touch them constantly, I feel they hold me centered in the seat quite nicely. It also provides me some additional support when the fat cat decides he wants to join in by sitting on my lap. The bolsters help me support him rather than having to put extra effort to hold him up. I think if nothing else, the chair appeases my cat. However, I must say, I am much happier today with the chair than yesterday with my first impression.



Week 1:

So it's about the end of the first week, I've been sitting in the chair sporadically throughout the week. Today is a longer day sitting in it than some (more work), and with the derrière a bit sore from snowboarding the lack of squish it the seat is well noted. I honestly bruised my butt on the slopes so a soft cushy couch is calling out to me right now and this well reminds me of sitting on the wooden bar stools in the kitchen. I'm not quite happy sitting here, but I will admit that the chair in general seems to be softening up compared to where it started – either that or my body is softening up to the way it feels.

I still have the head pillow in place and I think it is here to stay. It's about two or three clicks back from vertical and it feels about right. The arm rests are mostly unused as they just are a bit far out and wide for my small frame to sit comfortably. To be honest, most of the time when I'm at my desk, both hands are generally in use typing or gaming – so perhaps I never really used the arms on my old chair either.

The high back is still appreciated. It's nice to lean back and have full support for my head/neck/shoulders while typing away into the late hours of the night. When I'm tired, I feel like I can keep working, or gaming. My back is a bit tired from being held so straight for so long, but I'm starting to think I may have had the worst posture support with my old beat up chair. Comfy yes, but good for me? Probably not.

One complaint I must add, as I have not mentioned it previously, is the smell. The chair seems to still be outgassing some smell from the inner foam. The more I move around the more smell I get. It has kinda provided the office with said smell, and though it's not horribly unpleasant, it's not exactly appealing either. I'm guessing a bit more bouncing around and the smell should be gone – but I had to mention it, as it isn't subtle.



Week 2:

Still not quite used to the change of chair. I guess when your butt has had the same chair for the past year, it's quite happy with it and has a hard time adjusting to something else. I do have a very different chair at work than here at home – but there's just something very unique about the AKRACING chair. The outgassing of whatever odor from the foam/chair is still persistent. It's a funny smell, but it is also slowly becoming the "office" smell. It's sort of familiar and almost comforting at this point. It is still a conversation starter. As for the chair itself, I'm still really enjoying the pillow behind my neck. I really swore this thing would go, but I think this pillow is here to stay. The lower lumbar support pillow hasn't come back and even in my joking attempts to use it again it keeps finding its way to the floor. The chair is quite comfortable without it and I think I'll stop trying to use it now.

At this point I've had several multi-hour sessions in the chair now. With the holiday season wrapping up and school and work just around the corner, I'm getting in my much needed hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition before I don't have the time anymore. I'll admit, the chair hasn't gotten any softer, I think I've just become more used to it. It still has a nice rigid form and shows that it's not just going to break down quickly and be a mushy chair. The foam density seems high and durable.

I am still undecided on the arm rests. They really don't extend high enough for much use. Even at the highest point, they fit nicely under my desk (which is always nice), but don't seem to be within reach of my arms. They are far away and make me feel like I have, or need, monkey arms when I reach out to them. They are also far and wide (though I might seem to represent our smaller readers), which makes it feel that my arms are wide open.



Month Plus:

So the time has gotten past me. Classes started and the holiday away from work has ended. Less time for gaming, but still about the same of time sitting in the chair. Have to love writing code at 3AM, who wouldn't? Well at least the chair and I are getting along. The late night/early morning hours of working aren't an issue for my butt. I've gotten quite acquainted with the AKRACKING chair at this point. I will say it is just a stiffer chair than you might be used to. It's not a squishy executive chair that the big boss at work sits in. It's much more like an actual racing seat. It's stiff and takes quite a while to grow a form or shape to you. I'm expecting it to remain this way for some time – much like the actual racing seats in the car parked in the garage. Those seats took well over a year before they felt like they had any give. This will likely be the same. Which is actually quite nice. I feel like it's durable and is going to hold up with the years to come. The material covering the foam also feels like it will hold up for some time. It is very soft and surprisingly stretchy (which will be key to longevity). It seems to have more give to it than the foam itself, and because it doesn't feel overly thick in comparison to my old chair, I don't see this wearing easily or any time soon.

The final decision on the arm rests was to just not use them for my arms. I actually often toss a leg up and sit a bit awkwardly with one knee up on the arm wrest and my foot sitting on my other knee. I'm sure it's real lady like, but it's quite comfortable. The chair really provides me with enough space to sit in several different ways, which suits my need to move or change position all the time.

The bolsters are still holding strong. I can only really lean into one at a time as I'm not quite wide enough to hit both, but I'm really enjoying its existence. The bolsters for my legs, again, are still greatly appreciated by my fat cat. He can't easily fall off the chair he so dearly like to sleep in.

I wish I could say more about how smooth the rolling of the chair is, as I realized, I haven't really mentioned up to this point. It does actually glide quite well on hardwood floors. I played with it a bit in the open area of the house. Sadly, the office, of all rooms of the house, has some old thick-sh brown carpet that doesn't really permit wheel use. I don't quite like the looks of those strange mats you can buy to mash down the carpet, so I've avoided it to this point. Ultimately, I think this carpet is going to go, but as far as the wheels go, in my case, they just squish right in. I can attest to them being quite smooth out around the rest of the house. Who can resist large areas of hardwood floors to scoot about?

The outgassing of the chair is still present, but I've gotten a bit used to the smell. I only know it is still about as guests often ask if I'd gotten a new chair, as they could "smell the new". I don't seem to mind it much any more and honestly it's almost a "clean" smell at this point. I just thought it was worth mentioning. You're going to smell "new chair fresh" for a while.

I'm quite impressed with the construct of the chair and I look forward to seeing how many years she shall hold up to my abuse and use. I'm foreseeing more than the five years I beat out of the last chair, and with much less (hopefully none) duct tape. The chair screams more than I play racing games, but cuddles up to give good back support and just a stellar look to the office.

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