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AKRACING Premium Gaming Chair (AK-7002-CS) Review


AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Closer Look Continued

Putting the chair together wasn't really all that complicated. I had a good time reading the included instructions; the "Engrish" was priceless. My favorite was "The other person can be helpful, when you assemble seat". Get a buddy, it does indeed make the process easier. With the laughs out of the way, the pictures in the instructions are great. There's not much reading needed to actually figure out what it is you need to do.



Alright, so I had to poke a little fun at the instructions with this first image. They show hands wearing white gloves in the instructions to install the wheels, and well, since they included white gloves I had to have fun with it. (Yes, the package deal really includes white gloves for putting it together). They aren't bad gloves really – they kind of remind me of the gloves I wore in marching band in high school. But jokes aside…

You can see in this shot one of my first distastes. The wheels are painted plastic, which I have no gripe about. But you can see it was kind of just shot on there. The edge of the paint is a bit messy and unpredictable. From a distance you can hardly notice, but while you're putting it together you're wondering what the thought was here.



And BAM, we have a chair! Okay, so I had to skip some of the assembly. Attaching the back really involved use of both hands (surprise, surprise) and it actually was helpful to have a second set of hands. It's not complicated to put together, just a bit awkward on your own. But with that said, not impossible to do on your own. The pillows have been placed on, so you can see where they want to be. I find the lumbar pillow for your lower back to be a bit funny looking. The straps make it a bit hard to adjust up and down just because of the way they tuck under and around the back of the seat itself. The chair, when put all together, looks quite nice. It looks really nice, feels really nice, and actually seems like it'd be a bit expensive. The quality is there, as well as the looks.



The arms do move up and down with a little lever on the outer side. There are discrete locations for them to fall/lock in to. There are six different heights from all the way down to all the way up, so it seems pretty accommodating. I haven't sat in it just yet – but it is definitely calling me to. A few more pictures for the readers and then my booty can test this baby out!



The mechanical covers I mentioned before really add to the looks of the chair. They have a dual purpose of hiding the hinges of the chair while still giving the chair a good look. I will admit, these were a little difficult to put on as they sort of crush into the foam/chair a little, so it takes a little extra effort. It looks really nice and cleans up the overall look of the chair.


At this point, I'm just trying to share some shots of the chair (so don't mind the lack of words, and indulge yourself in the chair itself). Here's the base with all the wheels on after the chair was fully assembled. They roll great and change direction quite nicely. They are perfect for hallway races, and well.. of course scooting around your own office.


The embroidery of the AKRACING logo throughout just gives it a nice touch. Makes it feel like a race car; well at least like it's meant to be in a race car. It's done well, not just a sticker or stamp. Good effort on AKRACING's part. The chair has full back adjustment and can be placed in several positions (shown at the end here) as well as built-in tilt. The standard handle allows for maneuvering the chair up and down, as well as allowing this chair tilt I speak of to occur or not. It's a pretty standard mechanism that the chair you're sitting in right now likely has.



Here's a couple shots to show you exactly how these pillow doodads really connect to the chair. The lower pillow is the one that makes things look a little funny, but if it ends up being comfortable, do we really care?



And we'll wrap up the final images I have to share with you on exactly how far this chair can recline. It has several positions to stick to; so many that I could only take a quick range of possibilities. Yes, this chair does indeed lay near flat and it actually didn't flip over sitting in it like this either (lying in it, rather). It even folds forward a bit as if it were really in the car to let out the backseat passenger or allow you to get something in or out. It’s a great racing chair replica, and it's built for the office – we're looking at a winner right here! Let's get this off to the office for some serious butt testing.



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