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AKRACING Premium Gaming Chair (AK-7002-CS) Review

Price: $399.99

AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Introduction

AKRACING, as you can imagine, is in the market for manufacturing and selling gaming chair products – specifically with a taste of racing. AKRACING has a focus on ergonomics, design, and functionality. The style of chairs has gained interest among racing fans, car enthusiasts, and even hype in the eSport scene. Even the eSport team, Ninjas in Pyjamas, have helped AKRACING give the leading edge in meeting durability and comfort requirements for gaming professionals by providing close, real-time feedback. As its website suggests, AKRACING (a former NASCAR Winston Cup Series team name) is based out of Europe (akracingeurope.eu) – but as we'll later discuss, isn't limited to European distribution.

So if you're not in Europe, keep reading, it's still likely available to you. If you want to follow AKRACING and learn more about its products, check out the website, or follow on Facebook. But for today, you can indulge your eyes and ears on the AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair. We'll be taking a look at all it has to offer, from arrival to your door step, to your butt sitting in it for over a month. We'll talk the ins and outs of the chair, and even talk about what might stink about it. It's definitely a chair that strikes a pose and its looks will either be for you, or not, but in either case – you may want to read on just to see/hear what it's like to sit in one.


AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Closer Look

Well let us not be hesitant to get started. The chair comes in a pretty substantial box. I wasn't quite sure what it was when it first got here (as I didn't know it was coming). My husband and I played the game of "what did you order" and questioned the car parts that were unknowingly purchased (we both tend to buy car stuff frequently). When we were both stumped, it finally ended in a Google search for AKRACKING – if you haven't checked that out yet, you should. I was quite giddy when I realized what was inside this glorious box.

The box appeared to have made quite the journey. It was taped up pretty well with a second insurance of some tough straps. There was a pretty good punch in one of the sides of the box (with the AKRACING logo), but you'll see later it wasn't a problem. The gross weight of the box was marked at 25kg (~55US lbs) – so it's not exactly light weight. The box makes what item is inside as well; if you check out AKRACING products, you'll note this AK-7002 model with various ending characters, "–BB" in this case. On the other end of the box it is labeled the same, but you'll notice the BB was crossed out and marked as CS (which is truly what is inside).




Opening the box and taking pictures for you readers is always a challenge for me. I always want to open it up and play with what's inside, but we all know that packing is quite an important aspect. None of us want to deal with broken goods – so good packing means I don't have to deal with calling companies or trying to get replacement parts. Fortunately, it looks like AKRACING has got it down. The big punch in the side of the box was hardly a worry once I got the box opened up. There was lots of packing materials, bubble wrapped, plastic wrapped, foam padding, and additional cardboard. Delivery of the product was a key element in the overall plan here. I'm quite impressed. It really feels like I'm unpacking some expensive car parts! There's even a box within the box. I have to admit, at this point I was pretty excited. Even the plastic is AKRACING branded; quite a nice touch.




Pulling the pieces out of the box, I'm quite impressed with the quality of build. The seat is actually put together with upholstery copper clips, much like an actual expensive sports car seat. The stitching looks of high quality and not at all shoddily thrown together. Most of the screws and washers needed to put the entire chair together are actually pre-threaded into its proper locations. This insures the bolts are actually going to thread when you go to put it together and you are also pretty confident you have all the right screws in the right place, as you remove them to just install them back in the same place. Great thinking and added simplicity by AKRACKING here. There is also a relief cut here between the two bolts, which will be later hidden by the other pieces. This allows some relief to the material to prevent rips and tears – so it's nice to see the pre-thought.

The embroidery of the AKRACING logo on the bolsters and head of the seat are also a nice touch that just shows that a little effort was put in, giving rationale for the price as well. At this point, I'm just quite impressed with what has come out of the box. I was half expecting a chair that kind of looked like a racing seat, but nothing of the quality that I've seen thus far. This looks and feels much nicer than even my pictures can do justice for.




The seat of the chair comes with the arm rests already attached. They are adjustable (up and down) as I'll show you later when the chair is put together. Careful attention was paid to shipping this portion, as a bit of lookalike roll bar foam was capped over the pointy parts of the base. Underneath the foam is the connections to the back of the chair; though they aren't actually "sharp," they would still make quick damage if they weren't covered. The base of the chair really shows off the upholstery. Honestly, it looks much like something you might throw in a car if you had slightly different mounting points. There wasn't much they skipped out on putting this together. It has the look of a racing chair without appearing cheap or added just for the novelty. The arms coming pre-attached as well, meaning you don't have to mess with anything down here. The arms are just positioned where they need to be. There really isn't much adjustment for them besides maybe removing them all together.



So I know you noticed these in the unpacking pictures, and if you haven't looked at the AKRACING page, you're probably still wondering why one might want pillows with their new office chair. Well, you'll have to wait to hear what I really think about these guys, but the bigger one has elastic straps with buckles to put on the chair as lumbar support and the smaller one is, as you guessed it, a pillow for your neck/head. It also has an elastic strap around the back that happily stretches over the head of the chair (more pictures of this ahead).


The base of the chair is a five wheel base. It is actually made of metal and very sturdy. It's shiny with some plastic inserts where you often put your feet. It's pretty, though you won't see it much once you're sitting in the chair. The rest of the parts are, from the additional box, some instructions, the actual lift, lift cover, wheels, mechanical covers, lifting mechanism, and even some allen wrenches with a couple additional screws that just couldn't be in place to start. I think we're ready to start putting this thing together!


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  3. AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Specifications & Features
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  5. AKRACING AK-7002 Gaming Chair: Conclusion & Where 2 Buy
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