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Agony Review



Is it worth visiting Hell for Agony? I think it is, if you know what you are in for. This is a horror game where that horror is meant to disgust you, not just terrify you. It also has some flaws to it, and the lighting issue is especially serious, but I think it is reasonable to expect that to be fixed. In fact it might already be fixed by the latest patch, which naturally released after I finished playing. (Almost without fail, there is a patch the day or day after I finish playing, finishing writing, or the review is actually published.) I think if this game is of interest to you, get it, but probably wait to see more patches release, or at least wait to play it for these patches. I would not consider this a must-get horror game though, at least not from one campaign playthrough I have experienced. One odd thing about this game, and I mentioned it in the Gameplay section, is that as I have been writing this review I have become more interested in returning to it than when I actually finished playing it.

The graphics create a horrific world and its creatures quite well, and at times the visuals look like they could be artwork for the game. Unfortunately there are also times when the scene goes completely black because of how the lighting is, and this does significantly hurt the experience. Turning up the gamma helps, but a patch changing the lighting or making torches available in these areas is the necessary solution. The story starts off bland, but it builds into something much more interesting, at least if you are able to recognize the references it makes to reality, legends, and mythologies. The gameplay is enjoyable and the possession mechanic is interesting, but not everything is so creative. The Tobii Eye Tracking I think might be better left off because of the issues I had with interacting with objects and the world. I do want to go back in, try Succubus Mode and find more collectibles and secrets.







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