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Agents of Mayhem Review



How does Agents of Mayhem stand? I think that question depends on how you come at it. If you just want to compare it to the Saints Row franchise, it definitely has some faults but is still fun. If you are coming at it as another game and not necessarily with a strong legacy, I think it stands a bit taller. It has some departures from Saints Row, but it does succeed in standing out with new systems, features, and ideas. It is not perfect and what makes some of the criticisms I have made annoying is that they did not exist with the Saints Row games, but sometimes when you try something different, you leave behind things you should have held onto. (I might know this a bit better than some.) The result is still a fun game that will hopefully see an even better sequel in the future. If you are looking for a fun, open-world action game, you should consider Agents of Mayhem. If you are looking for another over-the-top game like what Saints Row has offered in years past, this might not be what you want, but you should not turn away too quickly.

The graphics are good and it performed pretty well for me. You may want a better CPU than mine if you want to use Tobii eye tracking, but I would not be surprised if some patched-in optimizations help address this. The story has, for me, a lot of issues, but I am likely more sensitive to these issues than others (a 'curse' of being a storyteller myself, I instinctively analyze others). Gameplay is definitely fun, but also has some issues. I think it is best to refer to them as criticisms, because they are things that could be done better, but are not inherently bad or wrong.






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