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Agents of Mayhem Review

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Feels like it has been more than a month, but I am returning with another review, this time for the game Agents of Mayhem. This is an open world action game that follows Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell game, but is not directly a sequel to any Saints Row title. Basically at the end of the other game, in-game character Johnny Gat was given the opportunity (from God nonetheless) to retcon the entire Saints Row universe, and this is the result, where instead of being members of a street gang turned saviors of humanity, they are the Agents of Mayhem, fighting the forces of Legion. There are many references throughout for fans of the series to recognize, and even some of the in-game characters have a sense of a prior connection, but this, technically, is just a spiritual successor.

Being the successor or not, you can expect many differences and deviations from the Saints Row franchise here. Some are nice, like a new roster of playable characters that have their own flavors and playstyles to them, but some are less nice, like the loss of the smartphone (I will explain that later). One difference that I was honestly surprised by was the Tobii Tracker 4C-enabled eye and head tracking, not because it was there, but because it was actually pretty good for a 3rd person perspective. I will talk more about that later as well, but for now, you can know that for me at least, this has shown me it can be done well in this more awkward perspective. (First person games are a natural fit for this input and until now, I have not been impressed by its implementation in 3rd person games.)

Agents of Mayhem has an M rating from the ESRB for blood, drug reference, sexual themes, strong language, and violence. Basically the same stuff you would see in a Saints Row title, so if such content is inappropriate for you, maybe you should not be reading this. Unfortunately, all I have are screenshots to share as I was unable to record video.

With that covered, time to get to the fun stuff!


  1. Agents of Mayhem Review - Introduction
  2. Agents of Mayhem Review - Graphics
  3. Agents of Mayhem Review - Story
  4. Agents of Mayhem Review - Gameplay
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  6. Agents of Mayhem Review - Conclusion
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