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Aerocool XPredator X1 Evil Black Edition Case Review



Overall this case just isn't something I can recommend. Not only is it not on sale in the United States (as far as I can tell) but the pricing, if it stays on par with European pricing, is a lot higher than I expected after working with the case. The build quality isn't terrible but the whole feel of the case just screams budget, yet at ~$74 converted pricing I just can't see it as a viable choice. You can spend the same amount and get a better built and better cooling case from many other manufacturers or you could spend less (around $50-$60) and get a case of comparable quality for a bit less coin.

The styling of the case isn't too bad and it does grow on you as you work with it, but unfortunately cases don't sell themselves on appearances alone. The top vents being moveable are quite useless as I can't imagine anyone ever closing them and as designed they're both flimsy and fairly cheap feeling. The lack of space to hide wiring isn't unforgiveable but it does make the included grommets somewhat superfluous. The dangerous flub with the fan controller plugs is also unforgivable from a company that has been building custom PC parts for a decade. I was tempted to actually wire it improperly but, even though I do enjoy fire, I didn't want to risk any of my hardware on a test like that. I would suggest you avoid the possibility of wiring it improperly at all by not buying this case unless you really really like the way it looks. If the price drops dramatically when launched in the US it might be worth considering for a budget build but as it sits I won't be opening my wallet for one.



  • Quiet stock fans even at full speed
  • Lightweight and small



  • Dangerous fan controller
  • Flimsy panels and top vents
  • Not much space for wire management
  • Price higher than comparable cases


Maybe Next Time

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: (The Case)
  3. Closer Look: (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Results
  6. Conclusion
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