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ADATA Vitesta Extreme Edition DDR2 800 Memory Review



So you must ask yourself, what makes these so extreme? Sure we got some great results at 800MHz, and since it did beat the other sets at nine of the stock speed tests and three of the overclocking tests, it certainly looks like a great contender. But the thing that separates this RAM apart is the fact that it is guaranteed to run at 1066MHz with timings of 5-5-5-15. It's like getting DDR2-1066 RAM for the price of DDR2-800. Considering that JEDEC timings for DDR2-800 is 5-5-5, that is pretty "extreme" to me. Now just to make sure you understand the full potential of this RAM, it does run at timings of 4-4-4-12 for 800MHz, but at those timings I could only get to the speed of 856MHz before I had to loosen the timings to 5-5-4-13. After approximately 1000MHz, I had to loosen them all the way to 5-5-5-15 and up the voltage to 2.1v. This gives you the headroom to run them stably from 800MHz to 1066MHz with no problems guaranteed! Adding the second set was even better, adding a nice margin to the overall scores in the stock speed testing. During the testing at 1066MHz speeds, the modules did not fare as well as they did in the stock speed testing. The scores were still in the ballpark, but it was clearly not superior outside of the 800MHz box. But guaranteed 1066MHz ram for $69 is something you can't turn away from.

Nevertheless, there is a heat issue that needs to be addressed. With the XMS2 and the Ballistix RAM, I could touch them my fingers and be fine, but the ADATA ram was too hot to keep my fingers on. This did not seem to affect the performance at all, but I would recommend that you have some sort of active cooling on the modules so that you avoid the chance of them overheating. With both sets installed, I could feel the heat radiating so much that it was enveloping the CPU cooler and might cause a problem with the CPU temps over longterm use if not cooled properly. This may have been advoided by having the top part of the PC board exposed to give off the heat. This set had the top fully enveloped so there is no room to breathe. Also the heatsinks are not as secure as other manufacturers' sets that I have used and might wiggle off over time.



  • Very easy to overclock at looser timings
  • Comparable overall performance at stock speeds
  • A lot less expensive than other 1066MHz RAM
  • Guaranteed overclocking speed
  • EPP Ready



  • Quite a bit of heat given off, even at stock speed and voltage
  • Poor heatsink design with no way to release the heat on the top
  • Only 28MHz overclock at stock timings
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