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A-DATA PD7 8GB Flash Drive Review

Price: $99.99 USD


In today's world, the main focus for computer hardware is to make faster, smaller, and more affordable products. One of the most common peripherals that we commonly overlook is the flash drive. Flash drives are very convenient and help us transport information easily. As these flash drives get smaller, they also get bigger in terms of storage space. But can we find a flash drive that has a large amount of storage space but is still very fast? A-DATA has recently released its PD7 line of flash drives and today we'll be taking a look at the 8GB model. Will this be the latest and greatest flash drive on the market that is a must-have?

The A-DATA PD7 8GB flash drive boasts 200X speed and being Windows ReadyBoost compatible. I've never seen a flash drive go over 140X so it'll be interesting to see if this PD7 8GB drive can perform as advertised. Join me as I thoroughly investigate A-DATA's PD7 8GB flash drive.


Closer Look:

Unfortunately, the A-DATA PD7 flash drive is packaged in the impossible-to-open style of plastic. It took me ten minutes just to find something sharp enough to puncture the packaging. On the front of the package you'll see the features, the flash drive itself, and the capacity of the unit. The back of the package is where you'll find the system requirements and some more features, all in multiple languages.



"My Flash" is the logo painted onto the aluminum finish of the PD7. On the back of the unit, you'll find the A-DATA logo as well as the URL. The PD7 is the same size as all of the other USB flash drives that I have used; I was expecting it to be slightly bigger since its capacity is a whopping 8 gigabytes.



Now that we've seen the A-DATA PD7 8GB flash drive up close, let's install it so that we can see if this drive actually performs as advertised.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Features
  4. Testing
  5. Testing (Continued)
  6. Conclusion
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