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ADATA C702 Classic 16GB Flash Drive Review

Price: $70.00


It wasn't that long ago that when you needed to transfer files from one computer to another you had to use the trusty old 1.44MB High Density, Double Sided floppy disk. Yeah, you know what I am talking about, this just shows how old I am. Well those days have passed, and year after year flash technology has increased and gotten smaller. Man, was it exciting when you had that 1GB thumb drive which carried hundreds more pictures and files but still not enough space to carry anything large. Well those days are just memories and now there are flash drives that offer many gigabytes of storage to carry anything you can think of, even whole operating systems.

One of those miracle drives is the ADATA Classic Series C702 flash drive with 16GB of spacey goodness. The ADATA C702 takes all this storage space and crams it into a tiny flash drive with a retractable connector. With capacities of 16GB and more you will no longer need to have a full external hard drive to tote those important files around saving you time and money.


Closer Look:

The ADATA Classic C702 comes packaged in a sealed blister pack. The font of the packaging lets you see the flash drive and the capacity at a glance. The back has the specifications and system requirements in ten different languages. One thing that caught my eye was the Works with Vista logo on the top left, and that it works with Windows ReadyBoost. Only the drive is included in the packaging so no lanyard or USB extension cable here.



Once the package is opened you can get a better look at the drive. The one sent to me for review is the 16GB Pearl white one with a retractable USB connector. To operate just slide the black lever on the side of the drive forward and the connector will slide out in turn. There is also a blue LED indicator to show when it is in operation.




The drive is rather small and lightweight measuring 67.2mm long, 20.4mm tall, 8.5mm wide and weights 12 grams. To give you a better idea here is the drive next to a US Quarter for comparison.



Now that I have your attention and interest lets move on to the software side of the ADATA Classic C702.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Testing (Continued)
  6. Conclusion
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