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Acer AL2671W LCD TV Review

GF City Computers
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“Wow, that’s a big box” was my first thought as this screen arrived at my house. “That’s a REALLY big box” was my second thought. I then convinced myself that it must simply be full of packing materials, to keep it safe during shipping.

Then I opened the box. Yes, there was a decent amount of packing in there, but when I actually saw the size of the screen, I started giggling like a 13-year old school girl after meeting the captain of the school football team. Every single thing in my life was put on hold until I got this thing hooked up. I moved my 19” CRT out of the way (which I previously believed was the biggest computer screen I would ever need). It was placed unceremoniously in a corner of my room, relegated to “has-been” in my computer hardware collection.

After plugging everything in and starting up the computer, my eyes opened wider than they had ever opened before. While giddy before, this was a pure feeling of awe. My eyes opened so fast, I got a headache from my eyelids slamming into my brain. I couldn’t decide what to do first. Play a game? Throw in a DVD? Edit some photos or videos? Or email all of my friends, bragging about this new toy sitting on my desk…

The AL2671W is a 26” widescreen LCD TV. Acer also makes similar models in 27”, 32”, and 36” sizes. While marketed as a television, it works quite well as a computer monitor as well. It also makes monitors (and desktops, laptops, servers, projectors, and other business products), but their monitors, marketed in 6 distinct ranges, are available at a maximum of 24”. Using a TV like this also allows for more versatility, as it has five different types of inputs available.

As stated above, Acer sells a variety of PC products aimed at almost all types of computer users, from business to home users and everything in between. The business was founded in Taiwan in 1976, and employs 5600 people around the world. Their global headquarters remain in Taiwan. In keeping with their Business Model which promotes partnerships, they recently signed an agreement to become a sponsor of the Ferrari Formula 1 race team, and in doing so have released a line of monitors which show off that fact.

Closer Look:

The Acer TV comes in a standard, relatively plain cardboard box. It is wrapped in plastic and tucked into form-fitting Styrofoam spacers for shipping safety. Included with the TV is a remote control, power cord, TV cable, composite cable, component cable, s-video cable, D-Sub cable, and a user guide, quick setup guide, and warranty card. The TV comes attached to a swivel stand that allows for a small degree of sideways angle adjustment, but no adjustment for height or vertical angle. However, the completely clear 170 degree viewing angle ensures you get a clear picture from wherever you are in relation to the screen.


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