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Absolver Review



Is Absolver a game to recommend? Yes, I think it is, but for now you need to be the kind of gamer it is targeting, which is one that enjoys being precise. Offline mode may help some imprecise players (more like myself) but otherwise, you may want to wait for a sale. I also do want to mention that I have been playing using keyboard and mouse. I did connect my Dual Shock 4 as it has very well designed buttons, but found it more comfortable to remain on KB/M. (Basically Absolver seems to use some controller conventions, like mapping things to a trigger input plus a button, that I am not accustomed to.)

The graphics are good, as is the performance, though you may want to use Offline mode if you notice input lag. The gameplay is fun but also has some flaws, with the most critical to myself being the poor map system. It is easy to get lost and hard to know where you need to go, making progression unnecessarily difficult. Other issues are more dependent on the kind of player you are, so consider that when considering the game.





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