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Absolver Review

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Three done and one to go with this last review being for Absolver, an online melee action game that has you fighting for absolution in the ruins of Raslan up to the top of the Tower of Adal. You read that right, an online melee action game, so you can be fighting your way across the game with friends and strangers, learning new attacks to build your combat deck and develop your combat style, all the while earning experience to level up and finding gear to equip.

Something some of you may be interested in knowing is that while this is an online game, it is handled peer-to-peer, so there are no specific servers you need to connect to. If you would rather not play online, you can set the game to be offline, making it a purely PvE experience. The game is a fairly silent experience from what I have seen thus far, so I am going to skip the Story section.

Absolver has a T rating from the ESRB for violence, according to its Steam page. Considering this is a game about melee fighting, such a rating is hardly surprising, but there is a lack of blood and gore. Defeated enemies just dissolve away, as do you when you are beaten. Just keep that in mind before looking at any of the screenshots I have taken. Also keep in mind that because the best time to take screenshots would also be when I am in a fight, I do not necessarily have many images to share. Sorry about that.

Anyway, time to get to the reviewing!



  1. Absolver Review - Introduction
  2. Absolver Review - Graphics
  3. Absolver Review - Gameplay
  4. Absolver Review - Additional Gameplay Screenshots
  5. Absolver Review - Conclusion
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