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Gigabyte A75M-D2H and A75-UD4H Motherboard Review


Closer Look:

Gigabyte offers a suite of software tools for changing and tweaking the A75M-D2H and A75-UD4H, whether you're looking to monitor, overclock, or save some energy. Let's have a look at a few of the featured tools in the Gigabyte arsenal.

















Touch BIOS:


Touch BIOS is, for the time being at least, Gigabyte's answer to the UEFI BIOS, but for me demonstrates that Gigabyte is a few steps behind in its UEFI Windows-based BIOS development with its AMD products. I have had a peek at the new "3D BIOS" available with the company's Intel X79 motherboards and hopefully a version of this will be available for the AMD product line shortly.







The idea behind Touch BIOS is that it simplifies making adjustments for those not comfortable in the BIOS environment by using a program that will make adjustments to the BIOS settings in a Windows environment and with touch-based capabilities. Gigabyte touts this as being as easy to use as "your phone-based apps." I have several problems with this program, starting with the glaringly obvious: why does the fact that you can change it with a "touch" make it any easier to use than clicking on your selection with a mouse? I also wonder how many people have touch-based monitors/programs? I have attempted to use Touch BIOS in several machines and found that it does not communicate with the BIOS very well. Many of the changes I made popped up and said that it had been successfully changed, only to find upon restart that it had not been changed at all. I think at a minimum this program should be made to make changes on the fly. Better yet, as enthusiasts are taking more and more to using UEFI Windows-based software for overclocking, Gigabyte really needs to make a program like its "3D BIOS" available on all its motherboards. I own the flagship 990-FXA-UD7 and this is the same and only software resembling a UEFI program that is available to us.


Easy Tune 6:


Easy Tune 6 is the latest incarnation of Gigabyte's software utility to tweak, overclock, and monitor system functions. From the tab selection on top, you can see the first three tabs are CPU (an information page showing CPU info specs and information), Memory (an information display of the installed memory with a timings table), and Tuner (where you can do very basic overclocking). The Tuner tab has three different modes: "Quick Boost", Easy, Advance (sic). Here again, for whatever reason, the software does not communicate well with the system BIOS. Easy Tune only allows for FSB overclocking and does not relay the intended overclock in the target field. In addition, I found that the voltage listed is set to something other than the actual voltage, and when under the Quick Boost tab, it wasn't even functional.




The next tab is intended to be for GPU overclocking, however whether I was using the onboard graphics of the A8-3870k or had discreet graphics cards installed, the tab was grayed out and not accessible. Next is the "Smart" tab, where you set a custom fan profile based on CPU temperature or disable any profile all together. In the "HW Monitor" tab, we find two sub-sections: the first is voltage monitoring in real time for the CPU core, 3.3v rail, 12v rail, and CPU VID, while the second is where you can set fan and temperature thresholds, as well as alarm thresholds.









Gigabyte @ BIOS is a BIOS flashing utility that affords you several options to update your BIOS to the latest version or knock it back to a previous version should you have problems with another version. Among the choices are updating from file, updating from the Gigabyte server, and saving a copy of your current BIOS to file. I have actually tried the updating from the server and it went smooth as silk and very quickly.



Overall, I think that Gigabyte's software for working the BIOS in a Windows environment is a bit lacking and behind the times. I have tried Touch BIOS and Easy Tune 6 in tandem with several motherboards and they both just don't make the cut. They are clunky, limited in options, and do not take sync very well with system settings from the BIOS. Right now, the software utilities don't quite match the fantastic quality of the hardware Gigabyte offers. I hope to see the likes of "3D BIOS" available in an AMD version soon.

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