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AMD 785G Chipset Motherboard Preview


Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H:

Another 785G based motherboard from Gigabyte is the MA785GMT-UD2H, which is a bit different from the MA785G-UD3H we just looked at. At first you will notice that this board uses the mATX form factor, which measures 24.3cm by 24.3cm. This makes the MA785GMT-UD2H perfect for HTPC cases and smaller workstations. This board also uses a blue-colored PC Board with the Ultra Durable 3 design. The MA785GMT-UD2H supports only AM3 processors, which include the Athlon II and Phenom II series CPUs. Unlike the last board we looked at, this one uses DDR3 memory instead of the older DDR2. This board uses the 785G and SB710 combination, which has the HD 4200 onboard video as well. The color scheme is the blue and white design that Gigabyte has been using for its DDR3-based AMD boards.









Like the previous board, this one has plenty of connections and expansion slots for your needs. The MA785GMT-UD2H has a PS/2 combo port, six USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, a DVI port, a HDMI 1.3 port, an optical SPDIF port, a Firewire port, an eSATA port, one LAN port, and the six audio jacks. In addition, the MA785GMT-UD2H has one PCI Express X15 slot, one PCI Express X1 slot, and two legacy PCI slots. This board also offers Hybrid CrossFireX between the integrated Radeon HD 4200 GPU and certain discrete graphics cards for a GPU boost with minimal expense.



The CPU area on the MA785GMT-UD2H is open and clear, which will make using large heatsinks or water cooling blocks a cinch. The MA785GMT-UD2H uses a 4+1 phase power design for stability and accepts DDR3 memory up to 1800MHz when overclocked. Under the Northbridge heatsink there is a 128MB DDR3 Sideport memory chip, which gives the integrated HD 4200 memory a faster memory buffer to boost performance. The integrated GPU supports DirectX 10.1 for the next generation visual experience. The MA785GMT-UD2H will accept AM3 processors, such as the Phenom II and Athlon II series, and runs them using HyperTransport 3.0 bus for 5200 MT/s.



Again, the MA785GMT-UD2H has just about every header that might be needed. There is a SPDIF in/out header, a COM header, a Firewire header, three USB 2.0 headers, the front panel headers, five SATA 3.0Gb/s ports supporting RAID 0,1,10, and JBOD, an IDE port, a floppy port, and a LPT port.



The MA785GMT-UD2H has the new style heatsink over the Northbridge we have seen on some of the new boards, which is made out of aluminum. There is also a smaller heatsink over the Southbridge to keep it cool when needed. In addition, the MA785GMT-UD2H uses the Ultra Durable 3 design, which has 2oz of copper in the PC board, as well as solid Japanese made capacitors and lower RDS(on) MOSFETs. This design allows the board to remain cooler and last longer through use.



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