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Seagate 750GB SATA2 RAID Review

Price: 319.99


    Are you looking for better performance from your computer? Does it already have all the latest in cutting edge equipment? If so, you may think that getting more performance would be not possible. You must now be thinking how it could be possible. The answer may be a lot simpler than you thought, and that answer is RAID. While seemingly new for many people, RAID has indeed been around for a long time; as far back as when the first SCSI drives released in the 1980s, which in fact helped to pioneer RAID. What is RAID you ask? That is a very good question as most people are usually a bit daunted by RAID. But it is not that scary when you get down to it.

Seagate was kind enough to provide us with two of their top 750 GB SATA2 HDDs to use for this RAID review. Seagate has been a major manufacturer of hard drives since their founding in 1979 with the release of the first 5.25 inch hard drive. These are only some of the major accomplishments that Seagate has achieved while being one of the largest manufacturers of hard drives in the world. Seagate recently acquired Maxtor, so they are now indisputably the leader in Hard Drive manufacturing. We will be taking a unique looking into the basic performance of RAID, as well as the performance of these 750 GB SATA2 HDDs in both single drive and RAIDed configurations.

Closer Look:

    Nothing too special about these hard drives, as they are just that…hard drives. Coming packaged in Seagate's clamshell hard plastic boxes is always nice.


The only difference that you might notice is the weight. I would say that they weigh a good 1/3 more than the average hard drive. They also have an extra set of jumpers on the back to enable/disable SATA2 speeds on the drive. Other than those two basic things, the drives look just like any other hard drives.



  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Installation
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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