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Plantronics Audio 550 DSP Headset

Price: $119.95 USD


Everyone has heard the phrase, “Get your head in the game”. What’s a better way to get into the game than by absorbing the sound and blocking outside noises? Can a Plantronics .Audio 550 DSP headset put your head into the game so that you can play the game how it’s supposed to be played? Let’s get these things on and find out!

Plantronics has been manufacturing lightweight communications headsets since 1962. Recently, the company has offered mobile headsets and next-generation computer audio headsets. Plantronics continues to pursue being a trend-setter in its respective markets.

Closer Look:

The package sets a good tone for the enclosed product because it looks simple, professional, and it displays the product.  I like to see what I’m getting into when I purchase a product, so it was good to be able to see the headset up close and personal before I opened the package.  The back of the package lists the specifications and features of the product with a picture of the headset all laid out. I was also intrigued by the message at the top of the back side of the packaging. It boasts about how a set of Plantronics headsets were used to communicate from the first moon landing crew to NASA in 1969.


Enough babbling, let’s get this thing out of the plastic! Now while it’s not impossible, it is fairly difficult to open the plastic. I had to pry it open with quite a bit of force and I almost thought about getting a pair of scissors. Once it was out, I could already tell that the cable was going to be very long, which is a huge plus.

I’m not going to lie, I have a big head, so I had to make sure the headset could accommodate me, as well as other users who have big heads. Below you can see a picture of one side of the headset pulled down the farthest it can go, along with the other side pushed up as far as it can go.

The top of the headset is a very comfortable pad which can, to an extent, move horizontally, though it does not move vertically.

The ear cups have the same padding as the top of the headset but slightly thicker.  The speakers themselves are 40mm large. I like the red color of the speakers because it goes well with black and it’s discreet.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Specifications & Testing
  5. Conclusion
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