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SETI @ Home

S.E.T.I., or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a scientific effort aiming to determine if there is intelligent life out in the universe. There are many methods that S.E.T.I. scientific teams use to search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Many of these search billions of radio frequencies that flood the universe, looking for another civilization that might be transmitting a radio signal. Other S.E.T.I. teams search by looking for signals in pulses of light emanating from the stars.

For more information about S.E.T.I. and the various S.E.T.I. projects that exist, take a look at the links below:

About S.E.T.I.

Participate in [email protected]

[email protected] is one of the S.E.T.I. projects that searches for extraterrestrial life. [email protected] allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to take part in the search. By using the computer while the owner is away, the [email protected] screensaver is able to search for extraterrestrial signals.

Team OverclockersClub.com is simply one of MANY [email protected] teams around the world wherein each member shares his/her completed WU's (work units) to achieve a total more than the other teams around the world.

We also come together here and discuss and share different points of view, review particularly interesting WU's that someone may have come across, or answer questions that anyone has (and ask a few ourselves, too, when we're stumped on something). For more information on Team OverclockersClub.com and the members thereof, check out some of these links (which are also at the top of Team OverclockersClub.com's page):

Join Our Team

Team [email protected]

Now, there are two versions of [email protected] you can run; the CLI (Command Line Interface) version and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) version.

The GUI version, of course, has the screensaver included, which makes for a colorful way to display your computer's progress of each WU (work unit) you download from S.E.T.I. The graphics of the GUI version tend to slow the progress of each WU down a bit, though. So, unless you really are dead set on that screensaver, you should run the CLI version, which runs in DOS mode, and includes no screensaver. For many people, it has been reported that the CLI version can complete WU's in nearly half the amount of time it takes for the GUI version to do so, because it doesn't have the graphics to "bog it down", so to speak.

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