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Cooler Master Announces New Gaming Mousepads with RGB and Water Resistance

Category: General News
Posted: 12:11PM

For gaming, especially competitively, even sometimes overlooked items can make a difference, such as the mousepad you are using. The way a mouse slides over a surface can have an impact on a player's performance, which is why there are gaming mousepads out there and today Cooler Master announced the MP750, a new offering that comes in three sizes.

Differentiating the MP750 from other gaming mousepads, it features both a thick RGB beam around the mat and a water repellant coating over it all, to prevent real world splash damage. (In-game splash damage is still in effect.) Seamless hand stitching also promises to prevent the pad from fraying. You can change the color schemes and lighting modes of the RGB lights through a button on the pad itself or through Cooler Master's software suite.

The three sizes the MP750 are available in are Medium (370 mm x 270 mm), Large (470 mm x 350 mm), and Extra-Large (940 mm x 380 mm). All sizes are 3 mm thick. The mouse pads will be available from Amazon and Newegg later this month and with MSRPs dependent on size. The Medium should cost $34.99, Large $44.99, and Extra-Large for $54.99.

Source: Press Release

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