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GRIS Gets Release Date of December 13

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:35PM

In August we learned the narrative experience game, GRIS, was coming to PC and Nintendo Switch, and now we have the actual date. On December 13 the game will be available for $16.99.

In this title, which will be free of danger, frustration, or death the player will explore the world brought to life through art, animation, and an original score. Light puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional skill-based challenges will be present and appear as the world opens itself up to you. On your journey as GRIS, a hopeful girl lost in her own world, her dress will grant abilities to enable you to move forward, ultimately coming to see the world in a different way as she grows emotionally.



Source: Press Release

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Guest_Jim_* on November 09, 2018 01:20

You know, Word's autocomplete can be annoying. It took my mistake of hitting the 'y' key instead of the adjacent 't' key I intended to press and turned 'grant' into 'granny.' Fixed now though.

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