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First Exascale-Class Supercomputer, Shasta, Introduced by Cray

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 12:29PM

Today Cray revealed its new supercomputing system called Shasta that has been designed to enable scalability up to the exascale. The company also revealed it has been contracted to build a Shasta supercomputer by the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) for its NERSC-9 system, also called Perlmutter, in 2020. The Shasta design has a number of interesting and valuable features including the ability to work with many computing solutions to provide researchers with whatever they need, significantly increased bandwidth per node, and support for IP-routed and remote memory operations. The capability for various computing systems means one Shasta-based supercomputer can have x86 and ARM processors, GPUs, and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in it, and in the future when we see AI specialized accelerators they too can be added.

Cray's partners for this include AMD, with EPYC processors being used in the NERSC system and support for Radeon Instinct GPUs, Intel, which has worked with Cray to optimize the Shasta platform for Xeon Scalable processors, NVIDIA, with its GPUs going into Perlmutter, Marvell, which works with Cray on using ARM CPUs, and Mellanox with its InfiniBand interconnect solution being supported. Intel's Omni-Path and Cray's new Slingshot supercomputing interconnect are also support by Shasta.

Source: Cray

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