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G.Skill Announces New DDR4 Kits for Z370 and Double Capacity DIMMs

Category: Memory
Posted: 12:21PM

With the announcement of the Z390 motherboards, such as those from MSI, of course we are seeing new memory kits announced too for filling the DIMM slots. G.Skill has announced two new kits for these motherboards, with one being a 2x 8 GB and the other a 4x 8GB, depending on what your needs are, but both are tested at 4500+ MHz.

The 2x 8GB kit is the faster, reaching 4800 MHz with CL 19-22-22-42 timings, so this kit is the fastest XMP speed available. If you need more capacity than that though, the 4x 8 GB kit is tested for 4500 MHz with the same CL 19-22-22-42 timings.

If you need still more RAM capacity than that, G.Skill also announced its new Trident Z RGB DC series with a DDR4 64 GB kit using two 32 GB sticks. These kits are only compatible with the three latest Z390 motherboards from ASUS though, which G.Skill worked with when developing the Double Capacity DIMM technology. These sticks double the number of 8 Gb chips installed on them, allowing 32 GB of memory on a single stick, but this requires a new PCB design and that the modules are taller to fit all the chips. The three kits available are all 2x 32 GB kits tested for 1.35 V, with one kit being DDR4 3000 CL 14-14-14-34 while the other two are both DDR4 3200 with CL 14-14-14-34 or CL 14-15-15-35 timings. Naturally these feature XMP 2.0 profiles to easily get the speeds you want. The three ASUS motherboards the support these kits are the ROG Z390 Maximums XI Apex, ROG Maximus XI Gene, and ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming.

Source: G.Skill [1] (DDR4 4800) and [2] (Double Capacity DIMM)

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