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AMD May be Launching 12 nm Polaris30 GPUs Soon

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 11:15AM

It was not long ago that a new PCI ID appeared in the AMD Linux driver tied to the Polaris family of GPUs. Now there are rumors the company may be preparing to launch successors to the RX 570 and RX 580 based on a 12 nm version of Polaris; Polaris 30. According to the rumor, the supposed RX 670 would launch first and have the same number of stream processors as the RX 570, 2048. The alleged launch period for this GPU is October 12-15, so within a week. The RX 680 is expected to follow in November, and sport 2304 stream processors, like the RX 580.

Naturally with this news many have been speculating on what performance we might be able to expect. When AMD moved from 14 nm to 12 nm for the Ryzen CPUs we saw a bump in speeds, so these are expected to be faster but it is unknown if there might be some architectural tweaks as well. Only time will tell on that front, but at least it will not be long before we know both that and the pricing. The speculation from TweakTown is to see the RX 670 at around $200 to $250 with the RX 680 being between $280 and $350.

Source: Tweak Town

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Guest_Jim_* on October 09, 2018 15:27

VideoCardz shared its doubt on its Twitter account, but some replies are suggesting there will be new GPUs, but they will be new versions of the RX 570 and RX 580, and not completely different products.

Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on October 11, 2018 15:44
I am thinking it will be just a Polaris refresh yet again but on a smaller node so probably expect a bit of a speed bump. What is the bigger question is that is AMD going to do this on Global Foundary's process or TSMC's process that is the real question. If they use TSMC for the refreshed GPU's then we can expect a bigger jump in performance and probably clock rates of 1750MHz-1950MHz which would put the RX 680 at around 1070-1070Ti performance level and if priced right would be a very viable option for mid high end buyers that do not want to spend $500-$1200US on a graphics card but still want to do 1080p & 1440p level gaming at an affordable price & maybe even some 4K gaming in some titles.

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