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Bug Prevents Facebook Users from Deleting Accounts

Category: General News
Posted: 02:22PM

Don’t worry it was fixed on Monday. But two weeks ago, Venturebeat received a complaint in their tips line that from a guy that couldn't delete his Facebook account. The user had tried 4 different browsers, 2 different devices, Facebook Support, and was considering contacting a lawyer because he couldn’t delete his profile. None of these methods were successful. This user allowed Venturebeat to log into his account and try to get it to delete, but there was indeed a bug preventing it. Venturebeat contacted a Facebook spokesperson (since they are more inclined to listen to press than private users), and that got the ball rolling. The Facebook engineer got the bug fixed and patched in a couple days ago. Bottom line? If you need help getting a bug fixed on Facebook and tech support doesn’t work, reach out to the press.

Source: Venturebeat

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