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AMD Potentially Readying Another Polaris GPU

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 08:59AM

Once again the patches to Linux from AMD have revealed something new, but this one is a bit more unusual than some we have seen before as the new PCI ID is for a Polaris GPU. Polaris was first available in the Radeon RX 400 series of graphics cards two years ago, and was then refreshed for the RX 500 series. This new ID is 0x6FDF, which the Phoronix writer states he has not seen referenced anywhere previously. It is listed as part of the "POLARIS10" family, and for those of you thinking that might mean this is based on an older version of Polaris, as the RX 500 series was Polaris 20, the Linux driver lists Polaris 20 in this same family, so this could be another version of Polaris 20 or something new. Whatever it is, its ultimate destination is also unknown, as it could easily be a specialized product for a specific market.

Something that makes this discovery particularly interesting is that typically when a company is going to launch a new GPU it reserves multiple PCI IDs, but here it was just one added. These reserved IDs are not always used and sometimes the difference between the devices they are assigned to is as simple as being an OEM product or not. Still, this is curious as it might mean we could see a new Polaris-based product in the future, along with Vega 12, Vega 20, Raven2, and Picasso. Of those GPUs, it is only Vega 20 we have much information about as it is almost certainly the 7 nm Vega GPU destined for compute applications in the Vega Instinct card. Vega 12 is still a mystery and while we know Raven2 and Picasso would be the GPUs in future APUs, we do not know the relative placement of these two products.

Source: Phoronix

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Black64 on September 20, 2018 17:43

Nvidia really needs some competition, these $1000+ GPUs need to go.

Guest_Jim_* on September 20, 2018 21:16

Nvidia really needs some competition, these $1000+ GPUs need to go.

While yes, I would doubt that's what this GPU would be, if it ever comes to a consumer product. Being just one PCI ID, instead of the multiple you would see with a new product series, I would suspect this is just a new OEM/special market destined product. Maybe it could be an experimental GPU too? Something they are just putting together support for in order to test it, but is not meant to become a real product. No idea if that is something AMD would do with any information, like this, going public, but I could believe such an explanation.

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