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Linux Drivers Getting Initial Support for Future AMD APUs

Category: General News
Posted: 05:18PM

Once again the open-source Linux driver's AMD has been working on are revealing some information on future products, though not necessarily a great deal at the moment. In the latest patches for Linux kernel driver, AMD has added initially support for Picasso and Raven2 APUs. In the notes for these patches, Raven2 is described as 'a new Raven APU' while Picasso is said to be 'a new API similar to raven.'

Picasso is expected to be the successor to the Raven Ridge chips and, as Phoronix notes, may be launching the end of this year as a 2019 platform. Exactly how a Raven2 APU would fit into this is hard to say though. It may also be interesting to note that the Raven2 APUs share the same PCI ID for their GPU component as the current Raven Ridge parts, while Picasso has a different PCI ID. Raven2 does have a different revision ID, golden register settings, and more so it would appear to be a more refined design, but Picasso may feature something a bit different. Time will tell, and speaking of timing, these patches being sent out now means Picasso may achieve initial enablement in time for the next kernel cycle.

Source: Phoronix

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