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Strange Brigade is First Game with Vulkan Multi-GPU Implementation

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 10:57AM

It appears this news is actually from a week ago but it went unnoticed by for a while. Strange Brigade is the latest game from Rebellion Developments, the same company behind the Sniper Elite series, and it worked with AMD to implement support for both Vulkan and DirectX 12. Both of these are low-level APIs that can reduce CPU overhead by reducing the need for the CPU to translate commands and improve access to hardware features. One example of something possible with these APIs is for the game to directly allow for multi-GPU configurations, instead of relying on a separate, driver-side technology like Crossfire and SLI. While DirectX 12 had this capability from the beginning, Vulkan more recently received it and now Strange Brigade is the first game to actually use it. According to AMD, so take it with the appropriate amount of skepticism, using this mGPU capability with Vulkan achieves nearly perfect scaling with the RX Vega 56. The graph shown at the source has the RX Vega 56 with mGPU disabled reaching 53.8 FPS with Vulkan at the Ultra Preset running at 4K. That is actually fairly impressive on its own, but with a second RX Vega 56 it reached 102.3 FPS, which is a factor of 1.9x faster.

While systems with multiple discrete GPUs are not common, this capability still has a great deal of potential because, unlike Crossfire and SLI, it is possible to implement it to work with mismatched GPUs. This applies for both mismatched GPUs for performance and for manufacturer, so you could potentially see a benefit when an integrated GPU is used with a discrete GPU, and even when using both an AMD and NVIDIA graphics card.

Source: AMD

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