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Neverwinter Online Spoiler: Module 15 Might Be in Waterdeep

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Posted: 06:09PM

The Official Neverwinter Online Twitter published an interesting tweet yesterday. It included a picture of a horse-drawn wagon in Protector’s Enclave and the phrase, “You think this might be the place?” 

This year the D&D Stream of Many Eyes introduced a new storyline, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, to the 5E D&D universe. Neverwinter Online has followed suit in most of the modules they’ve launched so far. It stands to reason that if Tabletop is getting the Waterdeep expansion, so is Neverwinter Online

Neverwinter Uncensored has uncovered some game files that include “Fishing Powers.” A lot of players have NOT liked fishing in the past, even though it’s appeared in three different modules in three different styles. Based on the content of these files (and the fact that Waterdeep is a coastal city), it looks like it might be similar to the fishing style in Lonelywood, where the player character fishes from the shore. 

Neverwinter Uncensored also uncovered a photo of the Founder’s Pack for Mod 15, similar to what they uncovered for Mod 14/Ravenloft. This picture includes a new human companion, a month of VIP, two Coalescent Wards, three Blood Rubies, and a fashion set labeled “Patrician.” 

All in all, these findings bring up some interesting theories for Module 15. A new zone, fishing, and a founder’s pack are a lot to think about! Are you excited, concerned, or confused? I’m feeling a mixture. I love exploring new expansions on NWO (and the founder’s packs help). But I’m both concerned and confused that the developers are continuing to release modules with fishing, when it’s clearly unpopular with their player base. They’ve tried it three different ways already; it’s time to put the idea to rest. 

Source: Neverwinter Uncensored

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