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2nd Generation Threadripper SKUs Apparently Discovered on AMD's Website

Category: CPU's
Posted: 05:52PM

It looks like the relevant pages have since been taken down, but Reddit user excalibur_zd had spotted on the AMD website support pages for what appear to be the second generation Ryzen Threadripper SKUs. While a completely fake SKU returns a 'Page no found' webpage, when the pages were discovered the results were blank, implying they are placeholders for when these processors are ultimately launched.

In total four different SKUs were found this way, with two making perfect sense; the 2920X and 2950X. The current 1920X and 1950X are the 12-core/24-thread and 16-core/32-thread parts that launched last year. The other two SKUs identified were the 2970WX and 2990WX, which are presumably the 24-core/48-thread and 32-core/64-thread processors shown off at Computex at the beginning of June. The 'W' in the SKU is rather curious though, leading to some speculation about what it could mean. Personally, I favor the idea that the W identifies these processors as using four active dies, as compared to the two active dies in current Threadripper parts. It is by using four active dies that AMD can reach 32 core physical cores, but two of these dies (16 physical cores) will lack direct memory access. Some applications may be sensitive to this while others will not be. The non-W versions, according to this theory, would then still use just two dies that have direct memory access.

Other theories are that the W versions will require water cooling, as the more active dies and active cores will produce so much more heat that air coolers will not be enough. Considering AMD actually showed off the CPUs at Computex running on an air cooler, and then showed off the air cooler, I find this doubtful. I believe the expectation is for these processors to be announced in August, so we will find out soon enough, along with other details, like price.

Source: Reddit/r/AMD

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