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Star Control: Origins Releases Fleet Battles Beta 3

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Posted: 05:57AM

It has been a few months since the previous beta release for Star Control: Origins Fleet Battles but now we have the Beta 3 version of this mode to enjoy. With the update come several additions, including two new ships; the Arilou Observer and Kzanti Intimidator. These ships have their own loadouts of weapons, such as the cloaking device to hide from opponents and the octomator, which fires in eight directions at once. A new scavenging feature has also been added, placing wreckage from destroyed ships throughout the arena at the start of each match. Flying over them grants a boost of some kind, such as increased acceleration or health. These bonus are applied to the ship in the battle and those in the fleet waiting to join in.

Beta 3 also brings with it two new maps and better multiplayer performance. If you ever lose sight of your ship(s) while playing, a new feature allows you to press Tab to highlight it/them. Updated fonts and some UI polish have also been applied, along with an AI vs/ AI mode.

Star Control: Origins is to release on September 20 and is currently available to pre-order. Those who pre-order gain immediate access to the Fleet Battles beta discussed above, and will receive the first alien content packs for the game early as well. These packs add concept art, lore, and music from Mason Fisher and Riku Nuottajärvi, and many future packs will include music from Dan Nicholson, who was a Star Control II composer, as was Riku Nuottajärvi. The first sets, available today, are the Arilou, Chenjesu, and Mowlings.



Source: Stardock

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