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Colonize the Universe Bundle Offers 4 Games from Stardock, Ludeon Studios, and Madruga Works

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:55PM

Starting today and going until August 21, the Colonize the Universe bundle with four sci-fi games from developers Stardock, Ludeon Studios, and Madruga Works. The games are Galactic Civilizations III, Offworld Trading Company, RimWorld, and Planetbase, which would cost $109.96 separately but for this bundle can be had for $39.99. The bundle is through Stardock but does provide you Steam keys, and using the affiliate link below shares 10% of the sales with Overclockers Club.

In RimWorld players get to tell a story as they work to colonize a distant planet. Planetbase challenges the player to survive a harsh environment while trying to create a self-sufficient colony. Offworld Trading Company has its own take on the RTS genre as players work to achieve economic dominance in the Martian stock market. Galactic Civilizations III is a turn-based 4X with the goal of ruling a galaxy.

Source: Stardock (OCC Affiliate Link)

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Guest_Jim_* on August 17, 2018 15:57

Quick reminder that this sale ends on Tuesday! If you decide to grab it, be sure to use the affiliate link in the post.

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