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Fast and Compact Quantum Random Number Generator Created

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:18PM

Random numbers are used in many technologies, including those that secure the Internet and uniquely identify genuine products, but despite how much they are used, generating truly random numbers is no easy. While the patterns can be very well hidden, the truth is that there are patterns to many random number generators, making it possible to compromise whatever they are securing by just understanding the system creating them and knowing what numbers were produced before. Quantum mechanics offers a solution there, as the behavior of sub-atomic particles are unpredictable, and now researchers at Lancaster University have succeeded in creating a very simple quantum random number generator that could lead to a more secure digital future.

This new QRNG is actually a single diode and the random number is generated by observing which of two paths within the diode electrons take. Being so small and simple, it could be integrated into future processors amongst the billions of other diodes already present, securing various electronic transactions. It could also find its way into Internet of Things devices and be combined with Blockchain to create a powerful tool for securing products and entire supply lines.



Source: Lancaster University

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