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Certification for WP3 Introduced by Wi-Fi Alliance

Category: General News
Posted: 03:39AM

Some people have probably been looking forward to this news for a while, and now certification for WPA3 has begun. The world has been using WPA2 for more than a decade to secure its wireless networks and WPA3 has been developed to build on its successes with better authentication and improved cryptographic strength for sensitive data markets. The average user that will be working with WPA3-Personal can expect more resilient password-based authentication that uses Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) to protect against password guessing attempts. For businesses, WPA3-Enterprise offers the equivalent of 192-bit encryption strength to protect the transmission of sensitive data.

For the time being, WPA2 is still going to be mandatory for Wi-Fi Certified devices but even as WPA3 adoption increases, WPA2 devices will be able to work with the newer standard through a transitional operation mode.

Alongside WPA3, Wi-Fi alliance has also introduced Wi-Fi Easy Connect for connecting devices with limited or no display, such as Internet of Things devices. With Wi-Fi Easy Connect one can use a different device, such as a smartphone, to add a device by scanning a QR code. Additionally, Wi-Fi Enhanced Open allows for better data protections on open networks, where user authentication and the distribution of credentials is impractical.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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