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An Update on Bosco

Category: OCC News
Posted: 11:33AM

Update June 10: These two links take you to a Facebook video and a Facebook picture gallery showing you more of what happened up by Bosco. In addition, he also provided an update on the GoFundMe page to give you an idea of what they're still facing.

We have an update for everyone on Bosco, his family, and just how bad things were/are due to the recent flooding. They still need whatever help you can offer, whether it's monetary or clothing or just anything at all to help out and get them back on their feet, even just a little. They're all safe and sound, but are just trying to sort through their house and salvage whatever they can. Bosco has provided some pictures of the flooding, what his neighborhood looked like, and also what the damage inside his house is like and why so much can't be recovered. It's a major loss for them, as it wiped out not only their clothes, furniture, photos, personal items, and more, but also the computer equipment of Bosco and his dad. Other items are affected, too, but the important thing is Bosco and his family are safe. Everything has changed for them, sadly, and getting back on their feet is going to take time.

The pictures below show just an idea of what happened to them. If you'd like to support and help them out in any way, please feel free to visit their GoFundMe page, PayPal money directly to Bosco at [email protected], or email Candice to coordinate clothing shipments at [email protected] Thank you.

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