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Star Control: Origins Fleet Battles Reaches Beta 2 with Several Changes and Additions

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:06AM

Star Control: Origins is the next entry in the classic franchise, and its Fleet Battles mode currently available in early access, as Stardock likes to do with its games. Recently it reached the Beta 2 phase and it has brought a number of changes players will certainly enjoy. Potentially near the top of the list for many is the addition of custom multiplayer matches. Custom ships are enabled in multiplayer, so you can show off your creations to the player base, but if you are only interested in showing off to your friends, you can password protect private lobbies. Custom matches can also have the arena size set, fleet size capped, and the number of asteroids, wormholes, and ion storms can be controlled.

New ships have been added with Beta 2, including the Greegrox Swarm, with the ability to heal itself, the Mu'Kay Grasper that forgoes ranged attacks to crush enemies with its tentacles, and the Lexite Interceptor equipped with dual-shot blasters and a tough shield. New weapon components have also been added, including Dual Shot, Shield, Ink Blob, Heal, and Death Ray. Other improvements include better graphics, improved performance, and balance updates.

Star Control: Origins is expected to reach its release state later this year.

Source: Stardock

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