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AMD Appears to Respond to NVIDIA GPP and ASUS Launches AREZ Graphics Card Brand

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Posted: 11:22AM

It was a bit more than a month ago when Kyle Bennett at [H]ardOCP about the NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program, a program that, according to documents he has seen and unofficial interviews, would require the companies that join it to align their gaming brand "exclusively with GeForce," or risk the loss of marketing funds from NVIDIA, launch partner status, rebate programs, engineer engagements, and more. Since then some on the Internet took to searching for apparent 'evidence' of companies signing GPP by reporting on if AMD-based graphics cards or other gaming products lost the company's gaming brand. It looks like AMD has taken this time to prepare a response and have posted a statement at Radeon.com.

In this statement, AMD commits itself to freedom of choice and cites examples of its work with hardware standards bodies, API, and game developers to move the industry move forward as a whole, along with other open and free technologies. (The listed examples include HBM, HBM2, work on DirectX, work on Vulkan, the GPUOpen initiative, FreeSync coming to the Xbox One S or X, and Far Cry 5 supporting Vega features "without penalizing the competition.") What may be the most significant line in the statement starts the first paragraph:

Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see our add-in board partners launch new brands that carry an AMD Radeon product.

This has been expected by some as a means around the alleged exclusivity requirement of GPP, as these new brands would, theoretically, just need to not be labeled as 'gaming' to fall outside the requirement. And it looks like we do not need to wait weeks to see these new brands appearing, as ASUS has launched its new AREZ brand with AMD products. Presumably the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand is now NVIDIA GeForce exclusive. Under AREZ we find the AREZ Strix, AREZ Phoenix, AREZ Expedition, and AREZ Dual. Perhaps important for some, these graphics cards do feature advanced cooling systems, which had previously been associated with gaming brands and left some concerned AMD GPUs could lose access to.

According to the ASUS press release shared by VideoCardz, we can expect AREZ-branded cards to be available in May, in selected markets.

Source: AMD and VideoCardz

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