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Intel Might Be Making a Core i7 8086K for x86 Anniversary

Category: CPU's
Posted: 12:02PM

It was 40 years ago when Intel launched its 8086 CPU, a processor that left a deep impact on the whole of the computer industry. Its success led to the rise and dominance of the x86 instruction set that we still use today in the form of x86_64, for 64-bit processors. With this anniversary of its June 1978 release approaching, images have appeared of an Intel Core i7 8086K CPU, and the speculation is it might be a Coffee Lake chip specially binned for high performance.

With the convergence of the anniversary and Intel's current CPU series being the 8000 series making such a product a seemingly perfect fit, it is entirely possible this is a hoax. June is not too far off though, so if it is not a hoax, we may not have long to wait for official statements to that effect.

Source: PCGamesN

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AkakmanH on April 17, 2018 13:21

I am retired now. But, back in the day, I programmed every Intel processor from the 8086 on (assembler). Seems that every new processor had instructions added. Always a challenge to learn the new features and how using them could save time and increase performance. Of course, I did the same for almost every IBM computer starting with the 360. I like to tell the story of one of my UK trips where a guy I worked with constantly went on about how PC's would replace the mainframe computer. Finally, I took him to a mainframe systems console and showed him the map of 256 threads running simultaneously. Blew his mind. Still for some applications, a PC will work just fine but not as fast. Maybe next year.......

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