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AMD Showing Off Real-Time Ray Tracing with Radeon ProRender

Category: General News
Posted: 06:44AM

Yesterday NVIDIA revealed its RTX real-time ray-tracing technology and Microsoft unveiled DirectX Raytracing, and while AMD's GDC 2018 session on integrating real-time ray-tracing techniques into existing renderers is scheduled for tomorrow, it has shown off some of it today. The company states it has achieved real-time ray tracing by combining aspects of the very fast rasterization rendering with ray tracing. Rasterization is used to draw basic structures and surfaces very quickly and then a ray tracing process is applied to compute various advanced light-effects, such as reflections, shadows, and transparency.

Support for this real-time ray tracing method is coming to Radeon ProRender, a physically-based rendering engine AMD developed some time ago and continues to improve. It has been built using OpenCL, allowing it to work on multiple operating systems, and is able to work with GPUs and CPUs that supports the required version of OpenCL, regardless of its vendor. It can also support multiple GPUs and CPUs in the same machine and at the same time and its source code is available. This new real-time ray tracing has been built on Vulkan, so it too should support multiple platforms, but AMD partners need to contact their AMD representative to gain access to it.

While Radeon ProRender does target the work of 3D professionals, game developers will also able to use this technique to increase photorealism in games, without sacrificing performance. How this will be applied to improve gaming graphics will be discussed in the future though.



Source: AMD

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