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Specs and Performance Data Found for Upcoming AMD Ryzen 2000 CPUs

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Posted: 08:29AM

Last week slides claiming to contain specification and pricing information about AMD's upcoming Ryzen 2000 series processors appeared on the Internet, and now it appears some of this information is accurate as some of the CPUs are also appearing in benchmark databases. Over at Geekbench, the Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 7 2700X have been spotted, showing 3.6 GHz and 3.7 GHz base clocks respectively. The single-core performance was 4781 and 4736 for the 2600X and 2700X respectively, while the multi-core score gives the 8 core/16 thread CPU a clear lead at 25,195 compared to the 22,235 score of the 6 core/12 thread processor. It might be worth noting different speed RAM was used between these tests, so they are not apples-to-apples, and both motherboards reported as using the X370 chipset, so the performance-improving features expected of the X470 chipset were not present.

Geekbench is hardly the only benchmark out there and people have found entries for the 2700X and 2700 (non-X) in the 3DMark database. The scores here are not necessarily as useful as you would hope due to the memory speed and configuration used, but the maximum turbo clock is shown as 4 GHz for the 2700 and 4.35 GHz for the 2700X, with the 2700 also having a base clock of 3.2 GHz. For the most part this all aligns with last week's leak.

Also found recently is the Ryzen 5 2600 in the SiSoft database, where it is identified as having a turbo clock of 3.9 GHz.

Source: VideoCardz

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