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Intel Releases New Code to Protect Some CPUs from Spectre

Category: CPU's
Posted: 01:23PM

Ever since the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities were publicly revealed, Intel has been having a hard time. Meltdown is an Intel-only vulnerability and its fix can severely degrade performance, in some scenarios, and then when they first released microcode updates to protect against Spectre, some systems experienced stability issues. More specifically it was systems using the older Broadwell and Haswell CPU architectures, but now it looks like the company has released stable updates, without the instability issue. Broadwell CPUs with IDs 50662, 50663, 50664, 40671, 406F1, 306D4, and 40671 and Haswell versions 306C3, 4066, 306F2, 40651, and 306C3. This information comes from a Microcode Revision Guidance document (pdf), which The Inquirer has already read through and pulled out some useful information from.

If you are running Sandy Bridge of Ivy Bridge CPUs, their updates are apparently still marked as in beta and are being tested by hardware partners. Many other processors, including Bloomfield, Clarksfield, and Wolfsdale CPUs, are only listed as 'planning' though, so if you are using any of these chips, you appear to have a bit longer to wait. The newer Skylake platform was patched earlier this month.

Source: The Inquirer

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