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Microsoft Working to Accelerate Windows Updates

Category: Operating Systems
Posted: 08:59AM

For a long, long time Windows Updates have probably proven to be a source of annoyance for many of us with the time they take to install and the need to restart the computer. Microsoft does want to do something about that, which is why it has already made changes to reduce download times, but now we know the developers are also working to speed up installs. This news comes from a tweet by Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar, as the dev team is being pushed to make this happen. How this is being achieved or when we might see the results of the effort is not yet known, but hopefully, it will not take long.

Source: Windows Central

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on February 28, 2018 22:11
Yea the bad part is I noticed that as of fall creators update Windows update has become a forced thing as in you totally have no choice whether you get some or all of the updates they just happen and a lot of the time at the worst time as well. I have had my PC shut down to do updates right in the middle of actually using the PC and without any warning. IF they are going to make it so it is even worse and more forced I am just gonna switch to Linux and only use windows for playing games I guess.
slick2500 on March 01, 2018 03:29
Weird, my Windows update has and has had an option to set when to install updates.
wevsspot on March 01, 2018 20:57

I'd settle for updates just not breaking stuff that had worked for months prior to the rollout.

Braegnok on March 01, 2018 21:59

+1 on updates not breaking stuff.  :lol:


My biggest annoyance is the need to restart after Windows automatically installs updates on folding, mining rigs running 24/7.


You need to check updates weekly an see if Windows scheduled a restart after updating,.. so you can pause/stop and save everything before Windows restarts your rig,..


and then reconfigure, set up,.. start all software afterwards.  

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