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Neverwinter Patch Notes for February 27, 2018

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: 08:53PM

Tuesday is a big day for Neverwinter! In addition to releasing Mod 13 Lost City of Omu, there are also a lot of changes happening across the board. There is also a new skirmish (Cradle of the Death God), a new Lockbox, professions updates, bug fixes, class balancing and more! One of the most notable changes for end-game content is the hunt trophies and lures. These items are no longer unique, which means you can hold more than one in your inventory. However they can no longer be mailed, and they still don’t stack.

Remember Rocktober, also known as Bug-Fix October? Well, all those reported issues have been fixed and are going live! Most of these are focused on character glitches and malfunctions, but the Devs are also squashing bugs in the older zones. 

There are also new recipes for Masterwork Professions! Levels IV and V are being released, and this includes some new armor! It’s the same level as the Exalted Primal Gear (IL 510), but different stat groups. This will allow more choices for fine-tuning the stats you get from your armor. There are also going to be some new weapons, comparable to the Mastercraft weapons set bonus used in the past. 

Character sheets are getting an update, too! The reason for this is to unify certain concepts and make the game easier to understand. Resistance Ignored will now be called “Defenses Ignored.” Damage Bonus will now be referred to as “Damage Dealt” and will have a % appear under the “Offense and Healing” section. Damage Resistance will now be called “Damage Taken.” 

The players are now getting Fashion Storage! This will replace the Idle Companions slot in the Inventory Window. Idle Companions will now be accessible from the Companions Window on your Character Sheet. The Fashion Inventory will come with 24 slots. Additional storage spots will be available from the Zen Market. Loadouts are getting upgraded, too! They will now include Companions, their gear, Summoned Companions, Mounts, and Insignias.  

Enchantments are changing, too; powers can no longer multi-proc Weapon Enchantments. Activating a power can proc the weapon enchantment one time per enemy. Because of this change, the Lightning Enchantment is no longer considered Best-in-Slot; instead, the Feytouched Enchantment appears to take that role.

Some class balancing is going on, too. Most of it is relevant to Rocktober, although that’s not all. The Scourge Warlock is getting some boosts, in addition to all the bugs getting fixed. However, the DC and Spellstorm CW are getting nerfed. There are also some general things being fixed. The grind to level from 60 to 70 has been reduced; it will now take fewer Experience Points to level up. The Devs are also updating some visual effects. 

Overall, this update brings a lot of exciting new changes! Some changes might disappoint certain classes, but this game is always changing; things will get better in a future mod. 

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