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Neverwinter: Rewards for the Lost City of Omu Arrives February 27

Category: Neverwinter News
Posted: 10:50PM

Neverwinter has some exciting new items planned for the Lost City of Omu, set to launch on February 27th. These include mounts, gear, weapons, and artifacts, so you can find plenty to like as you journey through the new adventure at the end of the month.

There are two Rare level mounts announced: Suratuk’s Ruby Strider and Eku’s Titivated Lion. Both of which you can see below!

 Omu Mounts

There’s also going to be Vivified Primal Gear, Item Level 510. By completing the new skirmish Cradle of the Death God, you can collect a “priceless item” to trade for the components you need to Vivify your Primal gear.

 Vivified Primal Gear

Two of the weapon sets have been announced for Neverwinter: the Primal set and the Tyrant set. The Primal set can be upgraded using “Soulmonger Ampoules,” also available from the new skirmish.

 Exalted Primal Weapon

The new Skirmish also has a chance to drop the newest artifact, “Decanter of Atropal Essence.” This is to be part of one of the three new artifact sets.

Omu Artifact

Remember, all of these go live on February 27. If you try to log into Neverwinter tomorrow and find out you can't, don't worry as it's just some maintenance. During the downtime, be sure to check out the Neverwinter social media feeds for a chance to win some prizes!

Source: Press Release

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on February 07, 2018 17:25
Wow Never winter is still a thing I am impressed. I played it for a while and when GW2 came out I switched to that full time as my go to game for online needs. GW2 a while back in their second expansion just got mounts and it was a very nice upgrade and a lot easier to travel the world when you could move a lot faster or get to places that were normally very hard to get to when just on foot. I am sure the Never Winter players will love having mounts in their game as well.

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